Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mission Kashmir (2000)

Strangely enough, when I popped this one in the dvd player, I hadn't realized I would be watching my second V.V. Chopra story of the month...

This is a really good film. There are things about this movie that are not very good but I made it to the credits with an overwhelmingly positive feeling. The cinematography was fabulous! Since Mission Kashmir features none other than Bollywood Boyfriend #1, (and I have too much time on my hands today), I've included several photo highlights with appropriate captions. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times...

1. Oh snap!

It's a prick, not a snake bite.

No nibbling on exposed digits allowed!

*Breathe! Breathe!*

2. The word is FoINE, not feminine!
Since I'm holding back, I will simply mention that this is one of the worst (best?) displays of diminished masculinity ever displayed on a non-drag queen. [Now obviously, I don't know the choreographer Rekha Prakash personally. However, should we ever meet, my first question will be: Was Leroy from Fame the inspiration for this particular dance piece?]
Boo, it's hard to keep defending you when stuff like this pops up. Good thing I'm loyal. ;0)
Furthermore, what's up with FIVE Rogers & Hammerstein dream sequences anyways?! Recognize. You only get ONE of those per film. [Truth be told, it's the head snap and alternating toe touch that's taking this move to George Michaelish proportions...]

3. If the genes fit...
[warning: ebonics ahead]
Why Hrithik mama (Sonali Kulkarni) look like Halle Berry play cousin?

4. Note to Hrithik:

Please, please do not ever, EVER come to my house in the middle of the night--soaking wet--staring through my window with puppy dog eyes.
I like Suzanne. Your wife seems like a really nice woman. Y'all got kids now and everything so--
I can't be letting you up in my house like this.

Most of all, I was impressed with Hrithik's acting. There's a scene where he convincingly confesses his love to Preity in one breath then with no sign of distress, makes two phone calls that set off a bombing. I don't like to cuss, but damn! damn! damn! That was cold! And far too well executed. Also, Hrithik opted to do that muscle spasm thing with his face (like in Krrish). How, I don't know. It does however, add credence to the distress of a horrifying nightmare.

All in all, I'm hoping I'm not just a sucker for adoption stories. At least I didn't cry this time...


michael said...

yep, its not as bad as supposed. long time i feared to much action. of course, action is important part of this movie. but thinkable things are also not the less as supposed.

--Sunrise-- said...

lol! mad captions...!

Beth said...

Why do you want me to be in love with your FPMBF too? Stop with the pictures! Too much to resist! Tooooo muuuuuch!

t-HYPE said...

Well, there's enough of him to go around I think.

As long as his wife doesn't object...