Monday, September 11, 2006

Bye bye Munnabhai

In my imagination, there's at least one reader who is desperately awaiting my review of Lage Raho Munnabhai. Well, please exhale. Unfortunately, the fabulous folks who bring Hindi cinema to Nashville grossly underestimated the level of interest which resulted in only one showing that was sold out long before it started. Arrgghh! Note to organizers: Do not pull any poor planning drama when Dhoom2 comes to town because I will not be so easily deterred! (For obvious reasons.)

Furthermore, I was not alone in my dismay! Dear Susan and Rachel were suffering with me AND, if statistical samples are to be believed, it would be safe to assume that each disgruntled customer represents at least 10 more...

Finally, in a shallow attempt to get more dots on my ClustrMap, I have to ask, Are there any Bollyfans in upper Russia or central Africa? (Liberia, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia) Or Cabo (Cape) Verde for that matter? <--- shoutout to my Motherland!

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Susania said...

Alas, it was so! But we had a nice afternoon tea around the corner, and plotted advance strike initiatives for the next film or Dhoom 2, whichever might come first.

And T-Hype is just as hysterical in person as she is on paper. ;)