Sunday, September 24, 2006

You tell 'em Williard!

"Bollywood elements have been heightened but they are realistic, they never go over-the-top," says Carroll.*
So says Williard Carroll, director of Marigold, a Holly-Bolly hybrid coming to a theater near you sometime after extensive test screenings. It appears they haven't settled on the marketing just yet.

Marigold stars Salman Khan and Ali Larter
(Final Destination, Legally Blond). The story is basically that of an American girl--an emerging actress--who while training for her role in a Bollywood film, falls for the dashing desi choreographer. [I should be so lucky!]

Williard got bit by the Bollybug a few years ago when he was in India. What did him in? Chori Chori Chupke Chupke, featuring none other than one Salman Khan. Upon returning to the States, he watched 150 Bollyfilms over the next 6 months. In case you're counting, that's one-a-day with Sundays off...
"They sort of reminded me of American movies in the '40s and '60s -- a somewhat melodramatic plot, very emotional -- the emotional stuff really rang true to me, and I love the musical and filmmaking talent" in India. [Link]
I agree entirely but hey, we obviously have the same tastes. He was executive producer of The Brave Little Toaster, one of the best cartoons EVER! I watched that thing like 100 times when I was a kid. The songs are odd. The story is odd. And gee did I feel bad for that toaster when I was a little kid...

*Um, he obviously hasn't seen the knife-wheelchair thing in Satte Pe Satta.


Susan said...

You know, I've been hearing about Marigold for a couple of years now, and am maintaining a spirit of pessimism... if it's another Bride & Prejudice disaster, it might be the death blow to Bollywood achieving mainstream status in the US. Because although it's not a true Bollywood film, everyone here will say it is, and if it sucks, well... Strike 2.

You DID get the Christian allegories in Brave Little Toaster, right? I loved that one too. Especially Blankie.

Sharon said...

why did they have to pick Salman Khan? Why? And I totally agree with what Susan said. If Marigold is bad, mainstream audiences will think that Bollywood is bad by extension, no?

Anyway, glad comments are finally working, cause I've been reading this blog for a while and wanting to talk back. :D

Recovering Baptist said...

You know who would have been better in this role than Salman?


t-HYPE said...

Susan, now I have to watch TBLT again! Totally didn't catch the allegory as a kid but I know ALL the words to the song they sing on their way to the City of Lights.

Agreed. This movie had better be good or our beloved passtime will be ridiculed all the more.

And I imagine dear Salman was the only one who didn't mind being "white girl bait". My bad. I guess Aamir wasn't availble...

Susania said...

Ooooh, let's DO talk about who would have been better... Just envision the movie as described... with Shah Rukh. Or Aamir.


Susania said...

Sorry abt. the susan/susania mixup - was on a different computer and apparently I have an additional google account I've forgotten!

Oh yeah - allegories all the way!
1) they're travelling (a la Pilgrim's Progress) to the CITY OF LIGHT.
2) Toaster sacrifices himself for his friends
3) they call the boy The Master

Susania said...