Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Pastor Murda Mase?!?

Folks, some stuff just ain't right. I might be a little late but I just found out a week or so ago that Ma$e joined forces with 50¢. (I don't if your father is Darth Vader, there is NO excuse for joining the DarkSide.) Quite honestly, I don't usually care very deeply about the goings-ons of the rich and famous but on this one I have to ask, Did our friend Ma$e lose his mind and forget to take his meds? Is he the anti-Christ? Perhaps a strange turn of events caused him to become demon-possessed...

There has to be some sort of logical explaination behind such a cyclical turn of events. I mean, seriously, it looks like he's pulling a Larry Flynt a la I met Jesus so I quit my sorrid livelihood, Jesus didn't quite "work out" so I'm returning to my previous livlihood complete with new and nasty image. What kind of foolishness is that?!? I mean, if it was just about money, I know he coulda got a spot on TBN to promote his new ministry *cough*...but I digress...

[Is that Creflo? Oh no, that IS Mase. But they look so similar!]

Furthermore, everyone's friend Creflo Dollar has invited Pastor Murda Ma$e to speak at his church on July 9!!! Lest you think I'm simply being religious and pretentious, let me share some lyrics with you. I don't care what religion you ascribe to (or don't) the incongruity of this is quite obvious. [From 300 shots]

You know you messin' with a n*gga that do this for a livin'
Put two in the street while there's two in the kitchen.
Put guns in n*ggaz mouth like 'Who's u dissin'?'
Be a year 'fore they knew who u was missin', n*gga.
You can either have a gun at the chain, or one at the brain,
I have hoes back of the church, hummin' ya name.
Even then I feel it's like cheat my men,
Watch God leave the sky to come and greet my men.
I pop n*ggaz in the chest, they never breathe again.

That part about this that burns me the most is that people depend on sensationalism 1000% more than they depend on God. Go figure! I really CANNOT understand that at all. The public likes hype but they'll only take so much. Like my friends over at the Revolution say, "Get real. Get pure." And that's all I have to say about that.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It works!!!

I called Krrish's name and he's coming to a theater near me!!! One of my Bollywood indoctrinees just sent me a text message to let me know that none other than Bollywood boyfriend #1 will be featured THIS Sunday at the art house theater in town. Oh my gosh! What a total freakout!

Toya, I owe you many thanks. I mean I might have missed out on one of the greatest beauties of our times...

[I really need to stop. The way my life goes, I'll probably meet Hrithik one day, be on the verge of tears and stuttering.]

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Why I have a perm

On a ludicrously personal note, I have finally realized that I MUST keep my hair relaxed. Most who know me outside of blogland will probably find that statement amusing while the two random folks who were keeping hope alive will find it disappointing.

The fact is, I like having nappy hair. Hair with texture is the coolest! Think of Maxwell or Lenny Kravitz. They wouldn't be the hotties they are without their rebellious manes. The near-bald basketball player cut doesn't even make half the impression a large, fluffy head of hair does.

That said, I once had a beautiful afro. I had a chemical-free head of hair and lots of it. I found it really amusing that people would stare at me and ask if my hair was real. The afro I can understand not believing but even when I wore it in two-strand twists [before it was a hot trend, mind you] other black people would ask if my hair was real! In those days, a mere 10 years ago, no one could really remember what black people's hair looked like because no one had seen it since "Black Power."

I've always felt that permanently straightening one's hair is a bit disingenuous. Why is it that the natural growth pattern of my hair was acceptable when I was a child but I was increasingly pressured to straighten it as I grew older? Why is it that I could not get a job in any but the most radically cosmopolitan of cities with my hair in its natural state? I would get my hair braided before job searching because the process went a lot more smoothly.

All this brings me to the present. I am in a state of mourning for the simple fact that my life no longer affords me the luxury of spending 6-8 hours washing and styling every week to maintain a head of rebellious hair. I was in the process of growing my hair out--about 1.5" of naps so far--and had to admit, however reluctantly, that I can't do naps anymore. Naps are not an option for more than 6" of my hair and my presently hectic lifestyle.

Straight hair doesn't REALLY fit my personality like the textured and unruly tresses of my past. Nappy roots are my heritage. I shall miss them dearly.

[FYI, the photo is not of me but her hair looks like mine. Check her hair diary out here.]

Monday, June 19, 2006

Krrish Trailer

Krrish! Krrish! Krrish!

I'm hoping he's like Superman, you call his name and he appears...
Anyways, here's the trailer. I doubt if this film is coming to Nashville anytime soon. Lord knows I'm not above buying a bootleg. Alas, this seems like something worth seeing in the theater.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sucker for Silliness

Yes, well, I am driven to post. Dear Beth sent me a most intriguing email about none other than one Hrithik Roshan. It seems, in shameless promotion of his upcoming summer blockbuster Krrish, there will be dollsidols, one might be tempted to surmise but please don'tin the likeness of Bollywood Boyfriend #1 made available to the Hrithik-hungry public. In a shamless act of self-deprecation, let me say, "I am among them." Do think of me in India Beth. Please do.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Lonely in Springtime

This completely off-topic post is an attempt to encourage all young lovers to enjoy love when it appears. This is the first spring/summer in three years that I've been single in a completely solitary fashion. [Don't ask.] There's nothing like balmy weather to remind you of picnics in the park, roadtrips, taking your two dogs for a walk, and the general sense of security--reminicient of a warm spring breeze--that having a reliable significant other can bring. Fortunately, in the southern parts of the US, Spring is being ejected by a forceful coup d'etat called SUMMER. And I'm glad. Heatstroke is far favorable to heartache.