Wednesday, February 13, 2008

That's what I call luscious...

A friend just sent the link to a NYTimes article on Princess Mrs. (Abhishek) Bachchan.

It mentions her canceling out on a chance to film with Will Smith (again) this time because of Karva Chauth. (Really though, it seems that one could fast in any country. Sieves? You can buy 'em at Walmart. The moon? It can generally be seen from any location in the US. Ok, maybe not smog-filled LA but you get the general idea. A tag along husband and a public image of traditional marital devotion--much harder to get on set...) At any rate, the two will inevitably do a film now that Will's production company is using UTV for distribution.

Anyhoo, the article is here. The official website is here. And please, please, don't choke on the eye candy.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

President Obama

I suppose it's only fitting that I say something about this presidential election. The candidates are putting on quite a show and in all honesty, who can blame them.

Thus far, the most intriguing is the way Barack and Hillary's camps are going at each other. Who wants a black converted muslim political newbie or a Republican cum Democrat with "experience" via marital relations?

The most amusing is the man who stands alone: Mike Huckabee. i *heart* Huckabee. Though, if I had to choose between weird last names, I'm gonna take an Obama over a Huckabee 6 days out of the week. On a positive note, Bill Clinton plays the sax but bass guitar...that's a rock star's instrument. I mean, it's like a Capitol Offense to think otherwise.

That being the case, while Huckabee sings his own songs, people are writing songs about Obama. *Oh, the devotion of the previously politically uninvolved!* Not since Eisenhower has such a catchy tune been penned in praise of a presidential candidate. (The one for JFK didn't quite have the same zing.)

For your listening pleasure, I've included them both here because if there's one thing I like, it's pop culture. As for politics, call me back for the fourth quarter so I can see who wins.



Sunday, February 03, 2008

Talk about cheating...

FYI, I'm referencing myself not the reader who sent me this email:


Know of any Bollywood films depicting the British Raj -- especially 19th
century colonialism? I'm working on a project that looks at former
colonies' cinematic portrayals of colonial periods.

Thanks for any tips!

I figure it's a cheap excuse for a post. Off hand, the first films that came to mind were Lagaan and 1942: A Love Story. To a lesser extent I suggested Rang de Basanti.

My readers--if there are any left ;)--are a smart and well informed bunch. I'm sure there are numerous films I'm not aware of. Don't fail me now!

Drop your knowledge in the comments.
[Happy Black History Month!]