Tuesday, February 05, 2008

President Obama

I suppose it's only fitting that I say something about this presidential election. The candidates are putting on quite a show and in all honesty, who can blame them.

Thus far, the most intriguing is the way Barack and Hillary's camps are going at each other. Who wants a black converted muslim political newbie or a Republican cum Democrat with "experience" via marital relations?

The most amusing is the man who stands alone: Mike Huckabee. i *heart* Huckabee. Though, if I had to choose between weird last names, I'm gonna take an Obama over a Huckabee 6 days out of the week. On a positive note, Bill Clinton plays the sax but bass guitar...that's a rock star's instrument. I mean, it's like a Capitol Offense to think otherwise.

That being the case, while Huckabee sings his own songs, people are writing songs about Obama. *Oh, the devotion of the previously politically uninvolved!* Not since Eisenhower has such a catchy tune been penned in praise of a presidential candidate. (The one for JFK didn't quite have the same zing.)

For your listening pleasure, I've included them both here because if there's one thing I like, it's pop culture. As for politics, call me back for the fourth quarter so I can see who wins.




Anonymous said...

I can't help but think that black people (and those that are pro-diversity) are supporting him only because he's black[ish]. Ridiculous.

t-hype said...

Far more ridiculous, is people who can't resist jumping to conclusions based on evidence that only exists in their own minds...

Cookie Cutter said...

Point taken, anon. I've come across so many former (black) republican supporters who are currently rooting him. Unless I see that there are a substantial number of black supporters of his component, I won't also br able to shed the idea that people are voting for Obama because he is (partially) black.

t-HYPE said...

Oh god. I need to move to Africa.

Guys seriously, it is SO freaking annoying when people make presumptive statements and apply them to individuals because they happen to belong to a particular group. It's also obnoxious.

For me to call up all my white girlfriends to make sure they're voting for Hillary Clinton is retarded. But oh wait, since they actually have a black friend (me) they must be voting for Obama. Damn. Oh, but wait, most of them are evangelical Christians. I guess they're voting for McCain.

Let it go.

What kind of people concern themselves with why other people are voting for a particular candidate? Geez.

I for one am overjoyed that so many Americans are invested in the Democratic process rather than an overrepresentation by the old and the rich. It's exciting. You should be excited. ;)

And, in a very sinister and unkind way, I find it awfully amusing that so many people are absolutely unraveled by Barack's supporters.

As for black folks, you want to hear diverse opinion, you only have to ask them but that would require *gasp* talking to more than one! Tune into the Micheal Baisden show every afternoon. He supports Obama but he invites Hillary supporters to call in every day. And they do. And they're (overwhelmingly) black.

I'm done. Next topic.