Sunday, February 03, 2008

Talk about cheating...

FYI, I'm referencing myself not the reader who sent me this email:


Know of any Bollywood films depicting the British Raj -- especially 19th
century colonialism? I'm working on a project that looks at former
colonies' cinematic portrayals of colonial periods.

Thanks for any tips!

I figure it's a cheap excuse for a post. Off hand, the first films that came to mind were Lagaan and 1942: A Love Story. To a lesser extent I suggested Rang de Basanti.

My readers--if there are any left ;)--are a smart and well informed bunch. I'm sure there are numerous films I'm not aware of. Don't fail me now!

Drop your knowledge in the comments.
[Happy Black History Month!]


delia said...

"Mangal Pandey - the rising"? Haven't seen it myself, though, so I couldn't recommend or dissuade...

Anonymous said...

The Legend of Bhagat Singh

Beth said...

Massey Sahib and Junoon (both parallel cinema; the first of which can be accessed online at

Anonymous said...

Hey Ram!

Anonymous said...

Check out Trikaal - a movie which has the last days of Portuguese colonial rule in goa as the backdrop of its story before Goa's liberation in 1961.