Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Promise not to laugh the FIRST time.

Friends, countrymen, lend me your ears. Well, at least your eyes. Here's the project that I worked on for the Nashville International Black Film Festival Boot Camp.

Presenting--Caught Up.

If you think it's good: We shot this in 8 hours.
If you think it's bad: We shot this in 8 hours.


[Why yes, that IS my hand in the middle of the first shot...]


Sister Liz said...

I like the message at the end, but I feel the need to voice that if ya'll think a room full of black people would remain THAT calm in that Jerry Springer situation U IS A LIE!!!...all that silence, sighing and resigned dissapointed faces. Ya'll know better. I was waiting for whatever his name was (Ray Ray?) to jump at Stacy's neck. And nobody even said "Uh, uh no you didn't" even once??? :-)

Overall it was very good for 8 hours in the making. It's like you all covered an entire Spike Lee joint in 10 minutes! Condensed black drama. Lol.

So what was the project objective?

tarana said...

just came across your blog through SM.
I love it.

Velu Nair said...

eight hours?? quite impressive.


t.HYPE said...

Awww. Thanks Velu.

The eight hours doesn't include set up (in case you were counting).

Jonnie said...

Great job on the project. I enjoy watching black indie film. Keep us posted on more upcoming projects so we can show our support. I am from ATL but I am in Knoxville attending grad school. I would love to share this with other black grad students.

Anonymous said...

GREAT APPETIZER-Great work - the potential is definitely there for even greater work to come from you guys - you might want to share your work with other hist.blk. Col. theaters - i look forward to seeing more!!! You all keep up the good work. God bless your efforts.

4FverHiz said...

MY comment is simply this - 8 excellent hours for excellent work - looking for more. 4FverHiz - a relative