Saturday, July 15, 2006

Black, White & Brown

Amardeep stirred up a little chitchat over at Sepia Mutiny over "Black Men & Asian Women," specifically those of the brown persuasian.

I found the topic personally interesting because I've never heard the Indian perspective on the whole thing. At some point, the topic flipped to Asian guys and black women. I know a few Asian guys (Filipino, Laos, Chinese) who holla at black girls (or are/were married to) but I've never seen a desi guy with a sista. At the same time, I do remember an older Indian woman at my church lamenting to me that her 30 year old son was still not married. Was that a hint? Still wondering...

The dialogue on Sepia Mutiny was mostly constructive with random moments of silliness. The last time I checked there were over 250 comments. Feel free to weigh in here if you like.


Amy said...

Yeah, alot of the times when you think about interracial dating, you think of black and white, you don't really think of others. I think it's alright, especially if you want gorgeous kids! I can't imagine a more beautiful mix than a indian and an african, absolutely beautiful! I was talking abit about this with a Hong Kong friend of mine and we were talking about how CHinese girls like dating white boys, but Chinese boys don't really go for white girls...maybe it's a cultural thing? Or maybe it comes down to personal your fondness for hrithik roshan! I've always found african or indian boys really good looking...i don't know. I don't have a thing with black men and asian women, if that's what you like, go for it!

Anonymous said...

This kind of relationship happens in Trinidad and Guyana on a constant basis...I've heard of the term "dougla" refering to the offspring of a black and an indian. It's a derogatory term and I don't like to hear people use it. However, I have met a few Indo-Caribbean and they seem to live (in New York) in Richmond Hill, among themselves. It's all so confusing and I can only surmise that past hostilities are still a factor and that when the nightime comes, all so-called barriers are broken.