Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The perpetual decline of American society...

Kevin Smith Says He Expected NC-17 Rating for 'Clerks II'
Director Kevin Smith said Saturday that he had been prepared to fight the MPAA's ratings board if Clerks II had received an NC-17 rating. "I was getting ready to have the jihad of all jihads with the MPAA," he told the Comic-Con meeting in San Diego. "They had done it to us on [the original] Clerks," he noted, "They gave us an NC-17. We had to fight to get it turned
over to an R, so I was kinda thinking we'd be facing them down this time, but oddly enough, no. We put it in front of them and they were like, 'Here you go, it's an R, ' and they didn't ask for a single cut. And I was elated, it felt great, because I didn't have to work on the flick anymore. But at the same time, five minutes later, I was like, 'What's f***ing wrong with you people? There is a dude f***ing a donkey in this movie! It doesn't get any more NC-17 than this!'" [Link]
Why? Because obviously, the MPAA just don't give a fig.
I know this doesn't specifically relate to the topics of my blog but given my interest in film, I felt the need to note this here. I find it pretty angering that the "powers that be" in the U.S. think that bestiality and gratuitously foul language only rates "R". The first Clerks came out in 1994. Has that much changed in 12 years?

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