Friday, September 22, 2006

The Other Princess Diaries

I wonder if anybody's bought the movie rights to this one yet: [From the LATimes]

As an adopted child, Sarah Culberson dreamed about what her birth parents looked like and where they came from. But it wasn't until she turned 28 that she finally learned what she'd inherited from her biological father: deep-set brown eyes, a wide smile and reign over a chiefdom in Africa.
She was a princess.

Remember them couples back in high school with the matching outfits? They were just trynna take it back to the Motherland:
All were wearing green dresses similar to hers...It's customary for the villagers to dress uniformly when an honored guest arrives to show that person that she is not a visitor but a new member of their community.

Can she get a Disney cartoon please?! It's about time they added a black girl to the Princess lineup. Geez! What year is this?!

[FYI, her family is from Sierra Leone. You can learn more about her story on her website]

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Susania said...

That. Is. So. Cool.