Saturday, September 02, 2006

A new discovery

Hmmm. In trying to educate myself on the ways of South India, I stumbled upon this fellow: Vishal Krishna Reddy. There's so little information on him, it's rather disconcerting. Maybe he's so difficult to find because he only goes by his first name.

Apparently, he was in a film called Thimiru which, alas, is no where to be found on or Netflix.

He looks so serious in this photo. I had seen a couple of other photos of him in which he reminded me of Hrithik, with less angular features.

Suffice it to say, I'm intrigued.


Amey said...

well Bombay isnt a South Indian film. It IS regular Hindi film. This film is based on the 1992 Bombay riots...

indianoguy said...

Bombay is a Tamil movie, some of the scenes were re shot for Hindi version.

BTW Vishal is an upcoming actor, he is getting popular in Tamil/Telugu movies. His latest movie Sandakozhi/PandemKodi is a big hit in both languages.

Maja said...

He does look a bit like Hrithik :o