Friday, September 29, 2006

Meaning of collard greens in Hindi

Ok, this is too fabulous. Being the statistics geek that I am, I periodically check the search terms that brought people to my blog. As usual I'm scrolling along through "trailer for dhoom 2," "hrithik's thumb," "rimi sen racist," when I stumble across "meaning of collard greens in hindi."

*blank stare*

*additional moment of silence*

Does anyone know the meaning of collard greens in English? Is there a level of significance about collard greens that I have yet to ascertain? Would collard greens mean something else in another language? Perhaps this person was merely looking for a translation for the words "collard greens" while stranded in India, desperately desirous of this Southern American treat. [If that were true, I expect they followed with "meaning of okra in hindi" but there's no way to prove that seeing as how I've not referenced okra on my blog until this very moment. Hmmm....]

Now, according to Wikipedia, they grow collards in the Kashmir region. Assuming that's true, I'd like to offer a word of advice for folks looking for recipes. If it ain't got a ham hock or a neck bone in it, it ain't right. If everybody don't get a slab of cornbread on the side, it ain't right. As for the meaning of collard greens I'll venture a guess: Poor folks can eat good too, if they know what they got to do. Y'all come back now, ya hear?


Susania said...

I recently sent a box of southern "delicacies" to an acquaintance in England, including:
Jiffy Corn Muffin mix
Grits (with instructions to add cheese)
Pecan Rolls

They responded with polite thanks, but the word "interesting" was used. Which means they didn't like it. Which doesn't offend me in the least because England? Isn't exactly known for it's cuisine.

Although their chocolate is better than ours.

Sharon said...

Useless trivia: Indians usually refer to okra as 'lady's fingers' in english. the hindi word is 'bhindi,' I think.

Rachel said...

I think I remember something that could have been collard greens in a music video - it had Bobby Deol in it..?

flygirl said...

more useless trivia: "haak" is the kashmiri for collard greens, methinks.

susania, never mind the snooty poms! i am dying to try grits m'self. am intrigued by southern food.

t-hype, you have scare me off using beta, though this is a *fine* template ;-)

t-HYPE said...

Beta is evil.

Ok. That might be a bit harsh. If you aren't planning to tweak anything on your template, then go right ahead and switch. If there's any chance that you might want to get creative and strike out on your own, don't bother switching.