Monday, October 02, 2006


Not only did the cd player I keep at work "burn out" on Friday morning, leaving me in a mausoleum* of silence, but that very night my wireless router experienced the same fate, failing to even blink incompetently. This after two weeks of suffering with steadily weakend signals! Boo.

That being the case, my medium long, moderately interesting review of Yuva will have to wait.

[*Did you know the plural of mausoleum is mosolea? Who comes up with this stuff?!]


Recovering Baptist said...

The question is, how might one work the plural of mausoleum into conversation?

Susania said...

quite easily... if you're taking courses in mortician science! I just had a very interesting conversation yesterday with a bartender at the Logan's in Cool Springs who is getting her degree. I found out a lot of useful information about funeral homes!