Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Aish & Will...together at last!

True, true. I'm getting ahead of myself. What Aishwarya actually said was:

I hope to be able to work with Will will be fun to work with him. [Link]
This from the woman who had not been seen so much as talking to Will in public during his visit to India earlier this year! The script must be that good...

Tyrone Malone, aka 'The Urban Eye That Will Tell You Why' has a funny post about the Will & Aish situation here.


Indian Parrot said...

Will Smith singing in Hindi..ok dubbed for the masses..but i think he speaks great..

t-hype said...

Thanks for the tip but I already downloaded the whole episode during the summer!

Tyrone Malone said...

Yo T-Hype!

Thanks for the shout out, homegirl! I have to admit that the juxtaposition of a southside shorty and the Bollywood industry is intriguing indeed. I love mingling w/ my Indian homeys as they're *always* cool people - big time creative with a lot of energy and humor.

I'll have to drop you into my rotation to keep up on the eastsider haps!