Monday, October 23, 2006

Ugly, Ugly, Bollywood Fugly

In the great tradition of honoring those things which are outlandishly bad, I decided to kick off a new blog: Ugly, Ugly, Bollywood Fugly! That's right folks, properly attired people need not apply.

[Bobby-socks & clear plastic knee-high boots anyone?]

There's all kinds of places online where you can find Bolly/Kolly/Tollywood filmstars traipsing about town in ill-fitted clothes from their own closets but 'Bollywood Fugly' is dedicated to the fugulous clothes they did not choose. It is an examination of the costuming perils of filmmaking.

At some point we might even conduct a conspiracy-theory type tally of which stars have been the most frequently mishandled by their stylists or which costume designers are more likely to abuse the actors. All in good fun of course.

Check it out and feel free to contribute! On the team so far are Beth, Susania, Babasko and me. Something tells me we could use a few male points of view...

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