Tuesday, October 31, 2006

God has an entourage

This article made me happy so I thought I'd share:

If you look in the right places, it's not hard to find God here. The celebrity press tends to focus on Madonna's involvement with kabbalah or Tom Cruise's commitment to Scientology, but often overlooks more mainstream professions of faith.

It turns out that in Hollywood, the unlikeliest of places, God has an entourage. Quietly and passionately, Tinseltown's biggest African American stars are expressing their faith. They're marrying their spiritual beliefs with their creative impulses in a way that is hip, accessible and grounded in Christianity.
Read the original article from the LA Times here.


Susania said...

That is AWESOME! Boy am I sending that one around!

Daddy's Girl said...

Thanks for this post, t-hype. It was a very interesting article. I'm still having problems viewing your blog, but I am (sigh) slowly learning to live with them and work my way around them (the problems always occur when I'm on your front page, so I try to jump around to other pages). Thanks for the kind message.

Indian Parrot said...

T-hype, i have always wondered what the African American communit thought about Denzel as Malcolm X. I saw some videos of Malcolm X himself speaking in where else, youtube. And i kind of feel, Malcolm X has twice the charisma of Denzel. Denzel kind of portrayed an angry Malcolm X. If i look at Malcolm X'x speeches, he does not look angry, he is passionate. Did you feel the same way? or am i the only one.

t-hype said...

A lot of people weren't too hot on the film but I think that has more to do with Spike Lee than Denzel. Spike's style is pretty angry.