Sunday, October 15, 2006

Yuva (2004)

Since I'm writing this review over a week after finishing the movie, it will be the farthest thing from thorough AND since it's a Mani Ranitham piece, there isn't really anything wrong with it per se.

In fact, my primary beef(s) with the film have to do with Ab2 and his character, Lallan. Abishek was so believable, his character worked so well and the story ending was SO open. Auurrrghh! Regardless of how the orginial script was written, Ab's character was the strongest and most compelling yet at the end of the film, his story was left wide open. <---personal pet peeve [Um, if you see Lallan coming your way, run!]

There are a few things about this film to love:

  • This is one of Kareena's least annoying roles. She seems like a normal human being!
  • Vivek Oberoi. Where has he been all this time?! I heard he was pretty popular. I think I'm beginning to see why. He has "that thing."
  • Random, life-changing collisions at swanky clubs.
  • The very disfunctional--if you're in a similar situation, you need to get out!--relationship between Lallan and his girlfriend/wife. It was real. It also had a Streetcar Named Desire elements. I almost expected Ab to bust in the house yelling Stellaaaaa!!! I was hanging on to find out what would happen between them. The other two relationships paled in comparison to this one...
There were a number of amusingly naughty relationship moments throughout which still managed to be cute.

Second beef with Lallan: He did NOT have to do his boy like that! I like the little guy from Monsoon Wedding and he was a loyal flunkie! Good flunkies are hard to come by. Recognize.


Alvaro Manzano said...

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Maja said...

SO with you on Lallan's story, that was my favourite too. The relationship between him and his wife was shown so well that it was painful to watch.

Re. Kareena, I was almost able to forgive her for the horror that is Poo in K3G after I saw her in Yuva. I really have to watch this movie again!

Aparna said...

Vievk oberoi...yeah...that was the only character whom I'd love to date in this movie :) and surprisingly, he looked good too...