Thursday, November 16, 2006

What next?

Friend Susania loaned me 6 Bollywood flicks and I'm debating over which to watch first. I'm leaning quite heavily toward Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (1999). I haven't seen Aish in anything recently.

What do you think? Here are the choices:

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
Zamaana Deewana
Biwi No.1
Chori Chori


Beth said...

HDDCS! HDDCS! It is ever so gorgeous and fun. Plus Ajay Devgan does one of the most hilarious dances ever to be seen in a Hindi film. It might just be my favorite. Babasko knows what I'm talkin' about, right hon? I think Ash is good in this although I know I like her more than most others do. And Salman is supposed to be obnoxious, I think, so it's all good. In my book, it's right up there with Paheli in terms of super-duper beautiful to look at.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you watch Zaamana Deewana first because it stars Shahrukh Khan! It is not his best film, but it is still entertaining. The music is so-so and Anupam Kher might get on your nerves with his various antics, but some manage to be funny. My favorite part of the movie is the part where the two main characters have to be separated to keep them from "ruining themselves before marriage." Shahrukh is so irresistable lipsyncing through glass. I thought it was a clever way to depict a sex scene without really depicting it. You know hindi films do that so well. Get ready it is another Romeo and Juliet theme. However, you should still enjoy Shahrukh Khan.

Hum Dil De... starring Ash is actually pretty good too. It is one of her better roles. The music and dance sequences are awesome! The scenery is superb, but that is to be expected from Sanjay. Ajay Devgan's character is unbelievably magnanimous! Salman Khan does a descent job, but was a bit unbelievable as a singer. The film really makes you question arranged marriage vs. a love match, selfish love vs unselfish love, etc. I hope I haven't given the story away. The hitch hiking scene in Italy was questionable, but so were other scenes in Italy. You should still enjoy.

I have not seen the other films you have, so I will wait for your reviews of them. That way I'll know if I should bother to watch them as well.

kali billi said...

In Hum Dil De... I forgot to mention how Ajay Devgan is such an underrated actor. He is pretty good in this film. I thought it interesting how they make a small reference to his 'dark' complexion (sensitive about color in Indian films). However, I did not find this offensive. Not like Ishq which was straddling the line (Aamir and the bank scene), but the movie was still funny.

Alan said...

Start light. Biwi No. 1 is one movie I have watched several times. Lots of folks like to pan it, but I enjoy it.

HDDCS is good too, the gaseous scene is rather amusing. I mentioned it in an early blog post. I still get google hits from folks searching for Aishwarya and farts.

Dev said...

I am sorry, but all of the movies you listed there are crap. You can may be watch HDDCS for the visuals and the songs.
Bhansali is one overrated director..

Biwi No.1 .. don't even get me started. Please try and watch the original Tamil version with Kamal Hassan ("Sati Leelavati" is the name) and then watch the Hindi version..
more later on this one

Daddy's Girl said...

Hmmm... out of those movies I have only seen HDDCS. Maybe you should go with your instincts and start there.
HDDCS is not a bad movie, but I am not a huge fan. Ash looked great (as always) and her acting was actually not bad, but I disliked her character - and Salman I just found annoying. They both came off as very shallow to me and I could not empathise although I tried.
BUT Ajay Devgan was LOVELY in HDDCS, which I guess is a good reason to watch it.
More reasons: the luxurious sets and costumes, and beautiful people and scenery if you like all those things(Bhansali is good at that). Some decent dances and songs (some of the songs were boring or just trying too hard though).
The whole Italy-but-so-very-not-Italy thing I found quite irritating.(You'll understand this later if someone hasn't told you about it before)
Anyway, I'd say start there. You just might love it. A lot of people do.
Happy viewing!

Chick Pea said...

this is coming from a bollywood non liker... its a good flick

taal is also good

Anshul said...

Man you have to see Hum Dil de chuke....A great film by a great director! The rest are crappy - Zamana deewana, Rules, Chori Chori, Hameshaa. Biwi no 1 is still bearable due to Salman's acting and Sushmita Sen.

Meenakshi said...

Hey! You should watch Rules. Its really cute and different type of film. Plus I know the main actress Meera in the movie and she did a really good job in her debut film!

Sharon said...

SRK movie! SRK... SRK... SRK...

sorry, having a Don hangover :D

HDDCS... it's very pretty, but I didn't enjoy it all that much.

Susania said...

I should mention that I own some of these movies because they were VERY inexpensive... and even the so-called "crappy" ones have a redeeming characteristic; be it one really good song, or fantastically unintentional humor.

DesiDancer said...

Bibi #1 is ok, but that freaky clown song gets stuck in your head. it's kind of awful. Plus I was a bit scarred to learn the really catchy "Chunari Chunari" song, also featured in Monsoon Wedding is from this movie-- from the dance where Salman Khan and Sushmita Sen are having a sordid affair. (gasp!)

HDDCS is solid. And Salman is less repugnant than usual.

Rules is cheesy and verging on annoying. But Milind Soman certainly makes the time more than passable ;)

Pardesi Gori said...

Hi T-Hype

Pardesi gori here, I noticed you said over at Bidi's blog that I would never write for your site. Did'nt know you had one till now...

We are not too far from each other, maybe we can hook up for a movie and some garam samosas.

babasko said...

my favorite of the lot is HDDCS. For sure. And I´m right there with Beth, the Ajay dance is the bestest. Ever.

bombsoverbaghdad said...

I recall sitting in Durban, South Africa, watching a television show in which the actors were singning Snoop Dogg's "Gin & Juice" in Hindi. I, a black American in South Africa, watching satellite TV from India of a song made in my hometown of LA. It's a small world.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam...and I've never even seen it with English subtitles...

- Rachel in NB

t-HYPE said...

Sorry p.gori,
didn't mean to launch a personal attack. When I read your comments on SM they seem so absolutist--bordering on extreme--that I have begun to assume that you are a figment of the collective Sepia Mutiny imagination, a cylon in the mothership, if you will.

If you're truly near Nashville, there's a movie at the Belcourt Theater on Sunday (Bommarillu). I'll more than likely be there. Drop me a line if you wanna go.

Pardesi Gori said...

I'm actually around Chattanooga.

And this Sunday I'm not free but when I do get time I'll drop you a line and see if we can meet up.

Pardesi Gori said...

It says this telegu film is a Tollywood film. I thought Tollywood meant films made in Kolkata (Tollygunge).

I guess they mean films made in the Telugu language too.