Thursday, November 02, 2006

Iranians love Bollywood

I think I'm going to have to start doing a post on search terms once a month. [In which case, I'm a day late for October. Let it slide alright?]

Anyhoo, October's selected search term is "iranians love bollywood." While there was also a search for "dialectical prestidigitation," which under other circumstances might have come in first place, the person searching for Iranian shoutouts was located in Lynchburg, Virginia. Friends, I spent four years of my life in Lynchville at Liberty University and I can assure you, there is virtually nothing to do out there despite the fact that the population of 69,000 and includes 3.5 colleges.

So, to whoever was searching, I say, "Yes, Iranians love Bollywood!" Who in their right mind doesn't? ;0)

Black people love Bollywood too. Recognize!


naina said...

Hmmm....t-hype, I want to believe you, but I need more proof. To me, John Abraham does not demonstrate that Iranians love Bollywood, but that Bollywood loves Iranians. :)

Daddy's Girl said...

How random, t-hype! But yep, black people do like Bollywood. You got tagged, t-hype, over on my blog. It's a very lame tag but maybe someone will do it someday.