Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Iranian Eye Candy (Another reason to love Bollywood)

I still haven't seen any of his films yet, but look at him, I'm sure he's a great actor.

John Abraham
1/2 Iranian, 1/2 Indian
100% FINE!
Indian Actor
Indian Supermodel

There's just something about them Persian boys...


flygirl said...

Parsis have been in India for many hundreds of he's 100% Indian, 300% fine.


t.HYPE said...

I have been educated. (I'm beginning to think I'm on the wrong side of the world...)

flygirl said...

:-) Yeah, me too. Soon as I have enough money I'm moving to India.

By the way, came upon your blog seredipitously (as it always is with these things) and love it :-) And I relate fully to your post on late twenties marriage and angst!

Ms. World said...

I don't think JOhn Abraham isn't Persian. He is South Indian and probably white. Abraham is a common South Indian Christian/Catholic name.