Tuesday, February 28, 2006

t-HYPE Don't Play That!

[My boys over at Superspade posted on this. I wanted to NOT mention it but I can't resist. ]

In a desperate attempt to _________ (<--fill in the blank), for over a year now, Damon Wayans has been fighting to trademark a line of clothing called, "Nigga." Presently, the people over at the trademark office have more sense than he does and have NOT given their approval to such foolishness. For reasons too numerous to mention, I'm not particularly offended at this idea. I just think it's dumb. Homey the Clown was funny. Nigga Clothing is just stupid. Besides, some guy in SC already beat him to it.

The only reason I even bring it up is because the folks over at blackinformant.com made me laugh out loud with the following scenarios:

#1 Suzie and Marsha (two white suburban stay-at-home mothers talking in the parking lot): “Marsha, how about a bite to eat? I heard that place next to niggas is supposed to be good.”
Now enter a very pissed off black man who:
-just finished watching Rosewood, Native Son, Roots, and just happened to catch the clip of A Soldier’s Story where Sarge is beat up by two white men.
-Found out that he lost his winning lotto ticket in Katrina
just happens to park his car nearby. Guess the only one word he just heard?—LAWSUIT followed by a planned boycott from a “community leader”.

#2 A new employee who happens to be white working in a Department store, is asked by a customer who happens to be black, “Where can I find the latest urban wear?” and with that the overly anxious to please employee replies, “The Nigga line of clothing is located over there”. Bring out the SWAT team, Jessie and AL and marches on several major cities.
Dumb actions bring about dumb results. I hope Mr. Wayans gets embarrassed enough to think of a better idea. Maybe Pops will give him a buttwhoopin...

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Brandon Q. said...

t.HYPE, thanks for showing love to the site. And can you think about giving up something else for lent? You can blog about your relationship with Christ. I am just being selfish and don't want you to stop posting.

Stay up fam,