Friday, February 17, 2006

Do these people look strange to you?

The FX Network is launching a new show called Black. White. on March 8 and I am wishing I had cable! (Somebody TiVo and torrent this please...) Basically, as I read in the New York Times article, the program is about a black family-the Sparks, and a white family-the Marcotullis, (yes, Italians are white), who are trading faces. heh heh! They had some REALLY good makeup artists in on this one. (In case you're slow, the white folks are on the right...)

This quote from the Marcotullis' daughter makes me say "duh":

"I was kind of surprised to find that I learned more about this invisible barrier than I thought actually existed," said Ms. Bloomfield, now an 18-year-old aspiring actress. After participating in a rap poetry group and "coming out" as white to the black performers, she discovered that the group treated her differently.
You know they were like, "Oh, H- to the NAW! We can't have NOTHIN'!"


Liz said...

I know! I can't wait to see that show! I'll have to watch it at Fernando's though. I love racially charged television as you already know.

Anonymous said...

Mom had Oprah on earlier this evening, and I saw these families on there. I really want to see the show now!! I'm not a huge fan of reality TV, but this seems unique.

Nova Scotia