Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Side Note: When Spanking is Not Enough

Courtesy of Rupa. Posted on Sepia Munity.

February, 1989. Some Midwestern highway. Vehicle carrying boisterous kids and 2 weary parents.

Dad loses patience and makes good on his threat to pull over and administer corporal punishment.

15 minutes later. Back on the road. Sulky silence. Then the oldest child defiantly chortles, “I was wearing my snow pants!! I didn’t feel anything!! HA!”
Ha Ha Ha!!! You know those parents were TICKED off.

I love flash fiction!

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square peg said...

The rest of the story:

My dad then grumbles to my mom: "I don't know what's worse: that I didn't get him the first time or that I have a kid who's dumb enough to say that."