Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yaadein (2001)

Truly, the most notable aspect of this film was the fact that Hrithik's character behaved like an egomaniacal child throughout. I'm sure if he and Kareena's characters met in real life, actually dated, and had the chance to break up, Hrithik's photo would appear on

All that withstanding, I make no apologies for my bad tastes. Two car accidents, a kerosene, a knife and a gun suicide threat, who can ask for anything more? This movie isn't very good but I'll probably buy a copy when Nehaflix adds it to the $5 sale. Maybe it's because I have two sisters--the youngest one is a bit too wild for her own good and the middle one doesn't take any crap and the oldest (me) can be a bit of a pushover for conformity--that the echoes of sisterhood override my more discriminating tastes. In this fictional account, somehow these girls have an overwhelmingly loving relationship with their father and I for one, am all for living vicariously.

There are parts of Yaadein that I really like:

  1. Hrithik's family playing like this hotel is their house.
  2. The scene where Kareena slaps the mess out of the youngest sister. Way to take it to the street y'all! ("Call the police! You said you were going to call the police!")
  3. How ghetto fabulous Sukhant’s family is! Stop playin!
  4. The theme song, Yaadein. [Would it be wrong to name a child that? I mean, it's quite possible that somewhere in the non-English speaking world a child is named Memory.]
  5. Dude with the BRIGHT yellow turban has a matching BRIGHT yellow tie.

Even the bad parts of this film get mad love:

  1. Boo-ty outfits. (Click to enlarge.) Somebody was trying to sabotage Hrithik's career early on and this film is concrete evidence. Heck, even Kareena deserves better than pink puffy prom sleeves. [Who wants to start the site for Bad Bollywood Fashion? There's enough fugly in here to be posts 1-10.]
  2. Serenading a Coca-cola can.
  3. Kareena crying like Claire Daines. (Again.)
  4. Hrithik imitating Jim Carey. Why lawd, why?!
  5. FYI: Bed sheets are the new black.
  6. Rich people with surveillance photographers. (Again.)
  7. Those rich folks hired paparazzi but where is security when you need them? They let Hrithik have 3 whole minutes to embarrass the mess out the whole family. This, from the same man that had security attack him 20 minutes earlier? I think not. In fact, his diatribe was so long, I wanted to pimp slap him. He did not have to embarrass little whats-her-face-with-the-short-hair like that even if she is fast...

Still, there are only two actually unacceptable things about this film:
1) this is the first time I’ve seen a black (African) man in a Hindi film and said man is shooting at the police while running like a fairy princess. He obviously didn’t have the skill set to be a store clerk or something; 2) this is the first film of any kind I’ve seen where someone has heard gunshots and proceeded NOT to take shelter in the nearest building or at least duck/dive to the ground, but to walk—not run—out into the street, then get hit—not by a bullet—but by a CAR.


Beth said...

I am so with you on the clothes. There's a blog out there that rips on Bollywood clothing but they're usually talking about B- or C-list people that I don't know. (At least, I assume I have a good handle on the names of the A-listers; maybe I'm wrong.) Anyhoo. Yes, that prom dress is fantastically bad. And I think his shirt in that picture is kinda like pre-Krrish - it's sort of the Krrish mask but as a shirt, right?

Recovering Baptist said...

Did Rocky do Hrithik's costumes for this? May I remind everyone of the sliver lame sleeveless number in KKKG?

Susania said...

Oh. My. Word. You think these clothes were bad, just wait and see the clothes Madhuri wears in Mohabbat!

Beth said...

The more I think about it, the more I think we need to have a site about bad Bollywood clothes (from movies, not the stuff celebrities wear when left to their own devices). That would be fun. It would be hard to stop.... I'm lookin' at you, Karisma!

Aparna said...

Haven't seen 'Yaadein', so can't comment on the movie as a whole, it came at a time, when I thought Hrithik was over-hyped, and I conveniently gave it a miss.
I liked some of the music though - the title song, the sister's song (though I felt they were much too close to each other physically).
Btw, t-hype, your sibling-plan is exactly the same as mine...yoo hoo.

naina said...

found a nice promotional photo of Hrithik for Dhoom 2, in case you're interested...

Daddy's Girl said...

LOL at 'running like a fairy princess'. This was a great review, thanks.