Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ishq (1997)

This is the most outrageous Bollyfilm I've seen yet. I was caught off guard by the comedic tone that carried through most of the movie. I was also surprised to see several brown characters as leads! (None of them were female, but alas, one must accept what is given...)

The Good:

  1. This is the only film I've seen that was so outlandish that Johnny Lever's performance fit in wonderfully. Take that as you will.
  2. Really fun songs that have NOTHING to do with ANYTHING.
  3. The first half of the film is fast paced and snarky. Admittedly, Aamir Khan is growing on me. In this film, I dare say I actually liked him. The face off between his character and Juhi Chawla's is ridiculous. It's like a comedic version of the matchup in Crouching Tiger. If Juhi had stabbed Aamir before making out with him I wouldn't have blinked...
  4. Song #4 will remind you of a Milli Vanilli song you can't quite place.
  5. The most ghetto, needlessly tragic wedding disaster I've ever seen in my entire life! The only thing that would have made it worse was a successful murder attempt and someone showing up with proof that the groom was the illegitimate parent of an 8-year-old child.
The Bad:
  1. Clear plastic knee-high boots a go-go. (Click to enlarge.)
  2. The "Operation Theater." Please, if you are with me at a time when I am injured, do make sure I get to a proper hospital, not the set of Grey's Anatomy or something. [However, it appears the staff of the theater is able to assist people in surviving pitch fork wounds so, all is well!]
  3. This is the first time I've seen Kajol in a role that could be described as "docile." Her blood pressure got low because she was too depressed?! That hurt my feelings. [In fact, there are several odd, misogynistic near-fetish like things going on in this film but don't let them weigh you down! It's certainly no worse than MTV.]
  4. [Amendment] As I was so fabulously reminded, I left out the rising star of the film, the 007 Monkey. This was a horrible oversight. I think I blocked out the monkey because his part in the film was very disturbing. People should not let monkeys drive cars.
The Ugly:
  1. The choreography. Why ask a girl to lift her leg and hop on one foot while wearing a poorly colored mini-dress? There's no good reason.
  2. Sadashiv Amrapurkar looks like he recently raided Whoville.
  3. Parents who will stop at NOTHING to get their way in their children's lives. After spending 2.5 hours establishing that said parents will stop at NOTHING, the writer gives them a change of heart 2.5 minutes before the movie ends for no apparent reason. BOO. BOO. BOO!!!! They should have just ended the movie 2.5 minutes earlier.
Overall though, I'm impressed. I mean this film is like, Arranged Marriage Gone WILD!!!


Recovering Baptist said...

No mention of the fine performance turned in by 007 BOND, the car driving monkey. I think that monkey was nominated for a Filmfare award for his work in this film. Recognize!!

Sister Liz said...

By looking at this cover I think that the "brown leads" are supposed to be like the black guy -the loveable renegade hoodlum that the parents can't stand or something!

t-HYPE said...

You are SO right about the monkey! I must ammend my post.

AND I didn't actually post photos of the brown folks...(One of the wealthy dads is brown.)

Updates to come.

Beth said...

Thank you my dear friend for the photo of the boots. I was already mentally adding this to my list as I read, but the boot photo (and the description of it as "arranged marriage gone wild") convinced me to put it at the top of the list. Well, after the original Don and Munna Bhai MBBS, that is. Awesome.

My word verification thing for this is "ommjim," which looks like a Hindi film title, doesn't it?

Maja said...

Teehee, I've had this on my list for about a month now, ever since I decided I want to see some old Aamir movies, but now I REALLY have to watch it!

kali billi said...

I enjoyed watching this movie too! It was refreshing to see dark skinned Indian actors in lead roles. Ajay Devgan seems to play up his complexion in his movies. Have you seen Omkara (Othello)? I like that he acknowledges his darker complexion. He is a very good actor too. Is Ishq the film where Ajay and Kajol fell in love with each other?

t-HYPE said...

Yup kali billi. That's the same one.

I didn't realize that Ajay played Omkara. He's not even that dark!

Totally Basmatic said...

Probably one of my favorite films ever, only because of it's sheer ridiculousness. In fact, I'd upgrade that to say "ridunkulousness."

I love the part with Aamir and Juhi and the toothpaste.

Daddy's Girl said...

Yes, I know, Ishq is so crazy. that scene in the mechanic's workshop with each of them reciting a poem on Ishq - priceless. And how about that bump on bald daddy's head! This movie is just insane. Whatever the makers of Ishq were on, I want some of it too! NOW! Great writing, by the way.