Monday, September 11, 2006

Black Moment of the Week :0)

Similar to the Holocaust memorials in many major American cities, the US is finally getting on board by facing its own trangressions as a few historical sites plan memorials to American slaves.

One such site is The President's House, George Washington's former home in Philadelphia. The project is in the design phases. They've narrowed it down to five finalists. If you're in the area, you can vote on which ones you like best otherwise, you can check the designs out one the web here. (Click the name of an architectural firm on the left sidebar to see the team's design and description.)

I like this one. (It reminds me of pennies or something.) The transparent document is a copy of the slave census of 1799.

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Sister Liz said...

That's pretty neat! Wish I lived around there so I could have an opinion. Well, I donated to the MLK memorial! :-) I had to say that to make myself feel better. lol. Anybody else? Go ahead, get a free T shirt!