Friday, October 27, 2006

Presenting Don!

Cool. Don is coming to Nashville on November 5th and, having thoroughly learned my lesson during the ticketing fiasco that was Lage Raho Munnabhai, I will probably buy tickets this weekend.

I need to start my own string of Bollywood showings in this town. (I could use another stream of income...) The fans are dedicated and they will NOT be denied!

Who's with me?!

[Official site here.]


kage said...

hey t-hype, is that a date then? ;)

thanks for reading my blog. i'm just going through yours and the one about rani's clothes in "bnb" is really a hoot

t-HYPE said...

Seriously, I'm game for coffee at Fido if you are!

Drop me a line.

Sheetal said...

hey t-hype

you guys are all making me so jealous that i'm only going to get to see Don in like 6 months time when it's out on DVD (there arn't any hindi cines where i live...i know...*sniff)

enjoy & look forward to the review :>