Friday, August 04, 2006

Shall Rimi bear the brunt alone?

Of course not!

In recap, I've already pointed out Rimi Sen's verbal faux pas this week and anyone who follows celebrity news has already heard about Mel Gibson's anti-Jewish comments. (Thanks, Mel! You're feeding right into the frustration here.)

Now, from what I can tell, an unsavory comment attributed to none other than Bollywood Boyfriend #1 is swirling around the internet and I quote:

...journalists were caught surprised at a recent London press conference for the Bollywood blockbuster Krrish. At the event, well known actor Hrithik Roshan made a passing comment about how he knew it was time to leave Shanghai and Hong Kong after six weeks of stunt training and go home when his eyes started "turning into little slits like the Chinese". [Link]
According to MSN India, Jaspreet Pandohar, a Bollywood film critic for BBC Movies Online, attributed the statement to Hrithik which means that the "rumor" can be substantiated.

Um, somebody get Hrithik's people on the line and tell him he needs to defend himself or apologize. [That little girl is like, "Brother, make him apologize!"]


Maja said...
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Maja said...

(Sorry, messed up the link on the first comment ...)

Reminds me of Prince Philip's "If you stay here much longer, you'll all get slitty-eyed." - wiki

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he said that. You must be really disappointed in him!

- Rachel

Anonymous said...

Idiot! He's got such an innocent quality about him that I feel like forgiving him his ignorance...i've got plenty of practice doing that with my relatives, unfortunately. But I agree that someone's gotta set this poor fool straight and make him apologize. PC for Indians means personal computer only.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't bother me anymore,when people say such things because at least when they say it ,you know they're thinking it and that way you can make steps to educating them.
Better the devil you know.