Monday, August 07, 2006

I am not my hair either!

Funny, I wrote my gripe on not being able to have natural hair anymore before I heard India.Arie's single "I Am Not My Hair" off her new album. Believe it, I am rocking this tune so hard!

It makes me really happy to know that a mainstream artist took the time to write about something that most people would probably never think about, but matters SO MUCH to people who have nappy hair.

I *heart* India (Arie).
[Sidenote: According to BBC Music, her parents named her India in a tribute to Ghandi! I think she should give back to Southeast Asia and do a "Brown Skin" tour there. Brown pride! lol.]


Sister Liz said...

YES! I love that song for so many reasons. It always makes me nostalgic.

And on the flip side of the natural hair beef I have, I just want to say a great big "gi-normous" BOO-hiss! to all the people who used assume when I had my fro or currently assume that folks with natural hair are either rebellious drug abusing break dancers or have become one with the earth, adore kinte pattern, and burn insence for hours and float everywhere.

Had one more person walked up to me talking about "Oh, I just know you LOVE that new Floetry album" There might have been some natural black drama!" lol

*sigh* but now that the fro is gone let me stand and simply say, " I TOO AM NOT MY HAIR!" (Cause this straight jonk is only temporary)

Velu Nair said...

I just love the Recent Comments on ur sidebar, that looks kewl and neat. I did come across a few html scripts that offered to do it for me, but messed it up every time I tried it out, precisely coz I dont hv much of a clue regarding html!

Amy said...

I like India Arie, she's beauitful!! I'm half black and i always wanted curly hair growing up because i always thought it was prettier than my 'white girl' hair. Your lucky! Embrace your hair!
Luv Amy