Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dil Chahta Hai (2001)

Ok, ok. Amir Khan is hereby absolved from all prior offenses to my sensibilities.

His absolution is due to the following:

#1 The soul patch. I hate to admit it. [As my roommate knows all too well, I don't think the triangle on men's chin areas should be called a "soul patch" to begin with. It's just dumb. I mean, if you don't have soul to begin with, no geometrical shape on the planet will endow you with such an illusive attribute, but I digress...] Aamir Khan looks 200% cooler with the chin triangle. Furthermore, it makes him look very much like one of my most favorite people of all time, Toby McKeehan.
#2 Crying. Aamir-ji shed a tear! Men who cry for love are well, more lovable. Especially if they're not particularly given to crying in the first place.

Also, I think I am beginning to understand why Akshaye is Beth's fake-pretend-Bollyboyfriend. He has mastered the art of the puppy-dog glance! It got more play than Hrithik's 3rd thumb in Krrish. (Tragically falling for a much older woman--remarkably endearing. Meeting a hot girl in the middle of a remote field--priceless.)

Seriously, I think this is the first 3 hour movie since Pirates of the Carribean to keep my attention. I don't mean to imply it wasn't predictable at points but when is that a bad thing? The story and characters are what stand out most for me. Each of the (male) leads was given a distinct voice and actions. None of them was particularly grating and all were reasonably realistic. [I will spare all of you--and heck, myself--any analysis of the gender politics of screenwriting which only allows women to be featured as reactive characters and tragic ones at that. Such discussions might sully one's enjoyment of the film!]

Still, I haven't figured Saif Ali Khan out so I'll leave him to rest. In Salaam Namaaste--alternate title: "We'll Yell At Each Other Continually Until the Babies Are Born," his character was a bit annoying. Here, he was flat out silly, which I guess was the point.

The bottom line is, I liked this movie despite having numerous reasons not to. I guess that means it's good, huh?


The technophobic geek said...

Oh T-hype

DCH is a gem of a movie and a watershed in Indian cinema. It is THE movie which got me to take Bollywood seriously, inspite of the fact that I grew up in India.

Also, it was one of the first movies I saw right after I came to the US 6 years ago, it it fit right into the nostalgia shot for me.

A lot of Indian people, esp those around my age (27) will talk about Bollywood as pre and post-DCH eras. It was one of the first mainstream movies which potrayed relationships and dating in India in a more 'realistic' sense (not the Romeo-Juliet thingie).

It is also one of the biggest male-bonding things to do for lonely guys my generation...get together, get drunk, watch DCH, talk about life.

Ok, I could just go onandonandon...

Totally Basmatic said...

It appears that everyone loves this movie. Perhaps the time has come for me to throw my hat into the DCH ring...

P.S. I love the alternate title of Salaam Namaste; very appropriate.

Beth said...

I too like the alternate title for SN and will start calling it that, if that's okay by T-hype.

I think you're right about Saif's character. When pressed, I must admit I generally enjoy Saif's performances even more than Akshaye's; I think he's an incredibly good actor in all sorts of roles. Anyway, welcome to DCH. It was the first movie I bought. I lurve it. What I love most is that young men get to be close friends and show affection for each other. That so rarely happens in US pop culture, it seemse to me.

Amy said...

I love that song when they're all in the disco -- i love everything about it -- what's it called again? I think Akshay is gorgeous and aamir as well of course..although i don't really like saif ali khan. I like the soul patch as well! Haha, i never knew it was actually called that!

Mosilager said...

If you catch Saif in Omkara (desi adaptation of Othello - he's playing Iago)... he's acted extremely well. He stole the show in my opinion.

t-HYPE said...

Beth dear, borrow away, borrow away. I've got half a mind to rename most of the films I've seen.

Especially 1942:A Love Story, hereby named "I WILL Tell You What I Really Think About The British."

Maja said...

While I don't like Aamir's little beard, I really love DCH, it's a wonderful movie.

The song in the club is Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe, Amy. I dig the song and the dancing, but there are some fantastically ugly trousers in there!

Maja said...

Oh and also, the picturization of Woh Ladki Hai Kahan is pure genius!