Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Black Like Me.

Here's the mini-documentary A Girl Like Me that I mentioned on the blog before. It's definitely worth watching.

When I posted about this originally, I hadn't even seen the video yet. The part with the little kids IS pretty disturbing. I still want to see the study replicated with other groups of children. I want to know what the psychological difference is between the kids who did not absorb the negative influences and those who did. I think as a child, I would probably have wanted to play with the black doll but have said that the white doll was the good one because I never saw white kids get yelled at like I did... I am desperately desirous of a follow-up on this one!


michael said...

remembered langston hughes dream variations reading your topics headline. and some special girl outside there. blog reading could be so melancholic, sometimes ;)

indianoguy said...

I watched it couple of times, very touching. I always thought, we Indians are the only ones obsessed with white skin.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that part with the little kids and the dolls made me cry. So depressing. I'm sure you could replicate this study in India too!