Friday, August 11, 2006

Dads love Bollywood too!

Here's an excerpt from a fun little article by a guy named Stefan Dill who talked about how his little daughter got him addicted to Bollywood movies. Apparently, he's a pretty skilled musician so as you can imagine, it only took a few filmi songs. A picture is worth a thousand words...

Here's his list of likes:

1) I love great film. I've long held this idea that film is probably the most advanced artistic medium there is, because only film has the potential to incorporate all the other artistic media within it: visual composition, narrative, drama, acting, literature, music, dance, etc. Film, like a sphere, can encompass it all...

2) I like the aspects of family. The complex patterns of family respect, relationships, and honor are critical themes in the story lines and are the driving factor of many plot conflicts. That such familial concepts are held in priority - and not discarded - overlays these films and stories with a warmth and resonance one doesn't often find in other films.

3) Its refreshing to see sexual tension masterfully, achingly, erotically depicted with such restraint. I'm no prude and I love the body, but to be melted away by an arch of eyebrow, a graze of hand, adds some subtlety and depth - and I'd much rather have my daughter exposed to this aesthetic than the plethora of talent-free teen-pop vulgar rat-clothed skanks that squat across MTV and the Disney Channel these days. Sheesh.
"Rat-clothed skanks," eh? Said far more eloquently than I ever could! Check his blog out here.

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lavanya said...

Speaking of sexuality and bollywood, have you checked out Hrithik in the new Dhoom 2 trailer??? One word: HAAAAY.