Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sippy's Bluffmaster

Mr. R. Sippy,

I thoroughly enjoyed watching your movie Bluffmaster last night even though you combined story elements from at least two American films that came out before yours. I had only seen one of them so I wasn't too distracted. Also, thank you for letting Simi's character say, "I'm done crying over you." Was that a first for Bollywood cinema? I thought it was cool that she was all hardcore and stuff but then she totally caved in toward the end. Was it because she knew that she had scared the piss out of her lying, cheating boyfriend AND that she made him think he was dying/dead? I like to think so.

Oh yeah, how did you get the movie down to 2 hours and 17 minutes? Did you write it American-style then add the music videos? That was smart! Will you tell Karan Johar that you can still have Interval even if the movie is less than 201 minutes? I don't think he knows that.

One last thing, I don't want to come across as some sort of cultural purist. In fact, I'm all for musical miscegenation. It's just that I think some of the songs in the film were supposed to be rap and well, since I thoroughly enjoyed your movie, I don't wanna be all, "some of yo' rhymes is wack" or anything. You have a good eye for MTV-ish style but I wouldn't want you to think that booty dancers can compensate for poorly placed lyrics.

Ok. I think I've said enough now. I thouroughly enjoyed your movie and I will probably watch it again. I might even buy it if I can find a bootleg copy on eBay. I don't think that will be hard.


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Maja said...

I love love looove Bluffmaster! It's so much fun to watch it with the audio commentary as well, as the guys keep joking about everything and poking fun at each other. Also, wack rhymes or no, yay for Abhishek's rapping :D