Friday, March 23, 2007

Fiza (2000)

A city torn
Bhaiyya burns with vengeful hate
Chasing empty rage

Fiza wanted to be good but it wasn't. It just kept plodding along. That's not to say there weren't any good moments. Heck, this movie featured fabulous actors but something was amiss that I can't quite lay my finger on.

As I understand it, this was Mrs. Big B's return to film after a lengthy hiatus. She did not disappoint. Note to directors: Karisma is a much better actress than Kareena. Spread the word, ok? The scene where Karisma mourns the death of her mother is one of the more real moments in the film--very moving.

Naturally, I have no objections to Hrithik's gratuitous workout scene, which was quite a substantial distraction from the storyline. *mmm* Yes, well at least this film is equal opportunity. Sushmita Sen had a ridiculously long item number that had nothing to do with anything either.

Overall, it was nice to see a film focused on the journey of a young, single woman that wasn’t about her search for love—not that there’s anything wrong with that mind you. ;) Fiza is a strong character. She’s independent, focused and truth be told, I was a little miffed at the unresolved nature of her relationship with seemingly “kind, affectionate and rich” college boy but I imagine that’s just jealousy on my part…

Fiza is worth the watch for Hrithik fans because well, that’s what fans do. Unfortunately, the film falls flat when compared to his other (?!) performance as a Muslim terrorist in Mission Kashmir.


Angela G. Skylar said...

I've actually been wanting to watch this since I discovered Hrithik and saw some of the songs from this film but I worried that it would be too war-related.

I havn't really seen Karisma in too much else besides Ek Rishta but I've heard she is a very good actress, yes much better than her sister. I believe she just had a baby so she's not doing as many films.

carla said...

Good comments on *Fiza*. I rather agree with you that the film plodded and wasn't as good as it should have been. I had a very similar reaction to it; and I thought the music and dance was awful, which didn't help matters.

Have you seen *Hazaar chaurasii ki maa* (Mother of 1084)? It is a 1998 movie, also with Jaya Bhaduri, that explores similar themes - as the film opens, Jaya's son is murdered, and she spends the film trying to find out why he was killed, unraveling the threads of his life that she knew nothing about. It's a much, much better film than *Fiza*, while covering some of the same ground. Seema Biswas is in it too, and Nandita Das.

t-hype said...

I haven't seen the film you mentioned Carla. Sounds interesting though. I have a feeling though there's only so much room in my favorites list for films with war themes! ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on Hrithik's role being more well carved in Mission Kasmir. Fiza was half baked. I love the scene in Mission Kashmir where a grown up Hrithik meets his Mom after a long time in his den (?). No dialogues, just expressions! Good stuff.

Monika said...

i agree karishma is a much better actress than kareena :)