Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Salaam-e-Ishq (2006)

Six loves in season
Bloom like a fresh new blossom
If grown with patience
In a perfect world, I would have written my thoughts on this film right after viewing it and posted in time for Valentines Day, which would have been the treatment it rightfully deserved because it really was that sweet.

Salaam-e-Ishq is a quirky little film and it works. This is the first film since Pirates to fully keep my attention for more than two hours. Part of that was me trying to figure out how Govinda was gonna pull off dating a (white) girl young enough to be his child, the other part was my deep admiration for ensemble films. Then there was the part of me waiting to see if John would get to do anything other than cry. [spoiler] No. [/spoiler]

I really enjoyed observing different stages of love. I also liked that there was a range of social classes shown--from cab driver to superstar. I did not however, enjoy seeing Anil Kapoor without facial hair. (He looked like a Muppet y'all.)

Word to the fellas: There is never, EVER a reason to call your ex-girlfriend a "cheap blond whore" in front of your entire family and a room full of strangers ESPECIALLY if you're the sort of coward willing to marry for convenience after dropping her like a bad habit. That hurt my feelings.

[Side note: After watching the film, my friend insisted that Uncle Chest outranks Bollywood Boyfriend #1 in hotness. Boo!]


Nisha said...

Uncle Chest! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Ahem. I'm done now.

Beth said...

What kind of loony tune finds Salman more attractive than Hrithik? Crazy!

Yours is the only positive review I've read of this! You know I'll be watching it no matter what, though (plus most people said Akshaye was one of the few bright spots - what did you think of my darling FPMBF?).

t-hype said...

I'm not sure why people didn't like it. At the close of the film, my friend--the Salman lover and Bollywood newbie--said, "This one was actually good!" I'm guessing she's comparing it to the vapidness that was Dhoom 2?

I thought Akshaye was really funny. His character brings a lot of the comic relief. For half the movie his story drives the plot. You won't be disappointed. John on the other hand...

babasko said...

t-hype. say hi to your very cool and wise friend. hah. i´m not alone. though i have to confess, that after seeing D:2 yesterday, your guy is not that bad either ;-) :-P