Monday, March 26, 2007

Life Goal #41

So, I spent Friday night at another Vandy SACE event. Normally I try to restrict myself from fraternizing with undergrads, as one must generally act one's age and I'm trying desperately to shed any lingering displeasure I have about my apparent adulthood.

However, when I saw that garba lessons were on the agenda, like R.Kelly, I told myself 'age ain't nothing but a number'. Unlike R.Kelly, my denial of the truth did not result in robbing (or otherwise desecrating) the cradle but rather, in calve muscles still searing with pain two days later.

Once I got a couple of basic steps down, I was like, Bring it on! Part of my delusion was probably fortified by having been asked, "So, what year are you?" more than once. Ha! My eye cream does work! (Side note: On Saturday, I went to get my nails done and the nail lady is like, "Are you still in high school?" WHAT?! Maybe I just need to up my game.)

Anyway, it was cool to experience cultural dance instead of just watching it onscreen. It's also interesting to note that I found it much easier than any of the West African workshops I've ever taken. I am now one step closer to accomplishing life goal #41: Be an extra in a Bollywood film. ;)


Susania said...

OMG, you went WITHOUT ME? I am crushed.

nic said...

hey t-hype, the image u have is of dandiya which though related to garba, is a different dance form.

The word “Garba” comes from "garbha" which means womb.The dance symbolically represents life within a womb and is generally performed exclusively by women.

Dandiya is performed both by men and women using a pair of colorfully decorated sticks as symbols, the circular movements of Dandiya Raas are much more complex than that of Garba.

So did you learn dandiya or garba or both?

t-hype said...

I'm sorry. Is my ignorance showing? lol. In my defense, they called the event garba but the guys were doing it too so maybe it was dandiya raas.

At first we did a few circle dance type steps (no sticks) before we got to the complicated stuff (partners and sticks) so I vote both!

nic said...

Traditionally garba is performed by women specially when its performed during the holy navratri festival but on other ocassions (like the one you went to) we guys don't mind joining in especially if the girls are good-looking ;)
Also garba is almost always followed by dandiya. So people sometimes do tend to mix them up.

Daddy's Girl said...

You found it easier than the West African workshops you've done? Sounds like good news for me. :)

Anonymous said...

Go T-Hype! Ever since I saw that scene in Bride and Prejudice, I've wanted to go to a Garba.
Regarding the Bollywood extra, I think Bewafaa had a large group of African American women dancing on stage during the song "Bewafaa (Unfaithful)" while Kareena Kapoor sat in the audience looking shocked that someone called her unfaithful. I believe that was a first in Bollywood.
I'm also waiting for my big Bollywood break...Abhisheik and I in "Holi in Harlem" ;)

Maja said...

That sounds fun! I found out a couple of weeks ago that there's a dance group in my home town where they teach classical Indian dances, but I'm far too clusmy to take part in anything like that. I did get to see them perform though, and they were really good (as far as I could tell, anyway).

t-hype said...

Holi in Harlem?!?

You must identify yourself!

Anonymous said...

I will T-Hype, I will.
I've more great titles for Abhisheik and I

Main hoon na, sugah!
Bunty aur Brenda Roberta Johnson
Lakeisha is my Lakshmi

Keep up the great work on your blog :)

t-hype said...

LaKeisha is my Lakshmi!!!

This will have to warrant it's own post...

kage said...

"Holi in Harlem"
"Bunty aur Brenda Roberta Johnson"

lol... u gals are hilarious

btw y'all may wanna act fast cuz Ash is about to snag ur dream boy. read here