Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mira Nair, The Namesake & Shantaram

About a week or so ago I received a nicely written email from a fellow named Will at LX TV in which he directed me to an interview with Mira Nair on their site. I finally watched the interview yesterday and while it was interesting--I like the questions Filmiholic asks Mira better--the techgeek in me was drooling over the high-res streaming video on their site. My rampant use of YouTube has dumbed down my expectations for online viewing but it appears the folks at LX have like, standards or something.

For the love of all things I love, they have an entire tab devoted to snow! No, not him.

Um, anyway, here's the extended interview with Mira:
[right after the extended Absolut Vodka introduction...]

FYI, the video plays more smoothly on the LX TV site. [link] Also, there's a shorter (6 min.) version here.

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