Saturday, March 10, 2007

Waiting for a black princess

Y'all, Disney is WAY overdue with this one!

I've taken note before of the Disney princess line and how it excludes exclusive it is. Every now and again they'll slip the black and red haired girls in there. Sometimes the Arab and the Asian girl get invited to the party. Heck, even the Native American draped in animal skin gets to come to the party. But still, no negroes allowed present.

Of course, every true Disney fan knows this princess business is all nonsense anyways. Let's keep it real, two of the "princesses" pictured had to marry their way into royalty. I mean, does that really count? Mulan, most certainly isn't a princess but she still made the cut while a couple of real princesses like Kida and Eilonwy got kicked to the curb. I know, I know. Cartoons are a tough business.

I had long ago given up hope until this very bright and balmy Friday when I saw this email from a reader with a link to the headline: Disney's first black princess to debut in New Orleans. I'm not sure whether to be excited or breathe a sigh of relief. FINALLY!

I don't even care if the movie sucks (ok, I'm lying). But I'm especially glad to note that the princess will be American even if--judging by the character lineup here--that means she'll end up marrying a stray European prince. That places her somewhere between the upward mobility of the 2nd string "royalty by marriage" girls and our friend Pocahontas.

Hey, I don't care what kind of Anna Nicole hustle this new character has to go through so long as my daughters can get a Princess plate set that has at least one person who looks like them on it.

Yes, folks it's true. I firmly believe in my right to shallow commercialism in the name of racial representation. Don't hate.


naina said...

"I know, I know. Cartoons are a tough business." LOL, you're too funny.

MoJo said...

Well, I'm taking note of the character's "Roaring Twenties" style outfit, along with the New Orleans setting, and am contemplating a wonderful jazz-influenced score. That makes this music major totally stoked. Plus, The Frog Prince is such a classic that I'm surprised that it is only now being Disneyfied. Oh well, I'm still more excited about this, than I ever was about the black Barbies I received every birthday. Yay for The Frog Prince! Oh, but boo to Cinderella III.

Anonymous said...

Well, just as long as this new princess is as unrealistically beautiful and curvaceous :~}

Daddy's Girl said...


Anonymous said...

U know U right
I'm not being mean but every since I was little nothing but white princess....we as black people get the damn picture
But I think it is time to expose our children to some princess that got nappy hair and a little curve like them ok........anyway the white princess were fine and smart and just kind...I love them too but I felt completely put out cause none of them look as if me. Hope it come out cause all tete and us will support it..............Love Ya

Cassie808 said...

lol girl you are crazy

I think that since we got to the black barbie with no curves
The black dolls with no hair
Lets push for the perfect Black Princess who look like us and not how they want them to look