Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bollywood Goes Gansta...

You may have read my other post about Bollywood getting a little ghetto in the midst of all the glamour but this my friends is the real deal. This isn't just ghetto, it's gritty... [found here]

When little-known Bollywood director Nabh Kumar Raju was looking for six actors to star in his movie on the underworld, he had one criterion: they should have committed or had a brush with crime at some point of their lives.
The flip side to this, Mr Raju says, was that the actors would get so involved in the scene sometimes that during a fight sequence, they would actually beat each other up.
Mr Raju confessed he was also quite scared while directing the actors.
The director said he rushed through the filming because some of them still had cases pending against them and he was worried about them not returning once they left to attend the hearings. [Link]
That director is crazy. (And looks like he suffered a beat down.) All the problems Indian cinema has had with the mafia and goes out hiring "reformed" criminals?!? Yikes! But then, if 50¢ can make a movie...

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