Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I pity the fool

If you've read a bit too much of my blog you've probably noticed my inexplicable affinity for Mr. T. Perhaps our sharing the first letter of our names, (or the only letter of his), is where it began. I think though, his winning feature is the mohawk. I once had a crush on a boy with a mohawk in 7th grade...

Yes, well I return to Mr. T. because he is returning to TV. This time he will not be sharing his testimony on TBN. No, he will be hosting his own talk show. Dear God! Where have all the writers gone? He, like Amy Grant a la Three Wishes, will be traveling around the U.S. to give advice to those who need it.

I need say no more, for he has said it all:

"My show ain't no `Dr. Phil,' with people sitting around crying," he said. "You're a fool — that's what's wrong with you. You're a fool if you don't take my advice."
I promise I didn't make this up. Read it here.

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Totally Basmatic said...

This is going to be the greatest show EVAH.