Sunday, May 21, 2006

Kiss & Taal!

Was that a *kiss* I saw in this film?!? Admittedly, Akshaye is not my type but I can defnitely see how he's snagged so many fans. There's something adorable about a man of his build dancing as hard as he did in this film.

Because the cinematography was gorgeous and the music was unusual but very cool, I won't mention the set of dance costumes that went from fabulous to hideous and back, the really thin overly effiminent male dancer that appeared in the foreground of every number, the way that the theme music had only one variation and was played relentlessly through the first half of the film, or the fact that no one who has recently survived a house fire should show up at a function that has the potential to break into a rioting mob in which he will risk being billy-clubbed on the head.

No, these things I will not mention because overall, the film was a clever piece of work. I will however mention--to the chagrin of Akshaye fans worldwide I'm sure--that I could not help but wait for him to say, "Cut-it-out!" just for my entertainment pleasure. Yes, friends, it is undeniable, Akshaye Khanna and Dave Coulier share DNA. The world is a small place.


Beth said...

Shocked. Shocked and appalled. I'm not sure we can still be friends.

Oh, okay, we can. And becasue of that, I'll admit that I used to think Dave Coulier was a teensy bit cute. Sandy hair and Canadian.

Your comparison is based on bad hair, right? Like, it's not a persona- or talent-based similarity, right?

Jonnie said...

I just discovered your blog and I am pleased, well actually more like estatic, to find another black girl who is obsessed (in a good way) with Bollywood and Indian culture. Now I can hold my head high and purchase Bollywood films with a sense of pride!

t.HYPE said...

Beth, I haven't actually seen Dave Coulier dance, so I'm not sure I can say...