Monday, May 15, 2006

Bad fashion and blasphemy

Darling Beth has forever marred the glory of my Bollywood boyfriend by brining this display of lamentable fashion--and whatever in the world he was doing with his hand--to my attention. [Link] Need I say again, "People, film is forever!"

Two things are wrong with this photo:

  1. Hrithik's wife failed to help him get dressed and style his hair the day this photo was taken.
  2. Kunal Kapoor is supa fine AND looks like Jesus. <--blasphemy


flygirl said...

is dusty pink ever a good idea for a jacket? even on a female? *shakes head* susan, why'd you let him outta the house like that?

on the other hand, thanks for introducing me to kunal kapoor.

t.HYPE said...

I do whatever I can to spread the love of beauty 'round the world!