Saturday, January 28, 2006

Where’s the BEliEFs?

Lest I leave any of my readers wondering, “Where’s the BEliEFs in this ‘Belief, Blackness & Bollywood thing?” I hereby introduce BEliEFs.

It is so easy to write about hobbies, interests, hot boys, cool movies and to make fun of celebrities, but it’s super difficult to put matters of faith into words. (I guess that’s why I always explain things in brief, Hemingway-like sentences and attempt to overcompensate by using analogies.)

Anyway, for the record I am a Christian. Not by birth but by choice. I am not Catholic. Not that I have anything against Catholics but I wanted to dispel the image of statues and rosary beads that was probably forming in your mind. I go to a church that is housed in a former two-story office building with a makeshift auditorium. Our meeting space is kind of symbolic of the faith relationship. The God of the Universe steps into strange, remarkably empty vessels and turns them into usuable spaces. He inhabits the hearts and minds of those who let Him, not because human beings are fabulously appealing to an infinite being but because He’s not into being fancy, He’s into function. We are His hands and feet on earth. That’s the theoretical side.

On a personal note, my faith is important to me. I’ve learned to value it because it serves as the magnetic force that rights the compass of my life. Even when I’m not going the direction I should be, I at least know I’m headed the wrong way. As for the personal nature of God, that is an ongoing discovery and discussion for another time…

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