Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Bollywood Boyfriend, Hrithik Roshan -- EXHIBIT A

Something told me not to watch LAKSHYA. The reviews were mediocre and it was about some guy (okay, my Bollywood boyfriend, Hrithik Roshan) going off to war and finding himself. Um, yeah. But since the not-so-friendly lady at the Indian market took the time to check the dvd for English subtitles, I felt obliged to check out not one but two movies. Lakshya being the last minute add on.

Regardless of how sucky I thought the movie was going to be, I was willing to try it out since my Bollywood boyfriend, Hrithik Roshan, is a wonderful dancer in the most Gene-Kelly-meets-Michael-Jackson sort of way and every film I’ve seen him in takes full advantage of this. I’ll spare the ragged details of the story line and get to this, one of the most unexpected moments of my life: Exhibit A.

Sadly, much like the last dating relationship I had, I noticed something strange and thought it was just a fluke. I had seen the strange thumb formation in another film (Koi Mil Gaya). It was a sci-fi. “Wow! I thought to myself, that extra thumb on my Bollywood boyfriend, Hrithik Roshan’s hand looks SO real! What an authentic touch to add to the film.” I’m really starting to think I’m a sucker…

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