Monday, January 30, 2006

How to Keep Your Black Woman (for the white men who love them)

Guess Who was a film for the children. Something New is for grown folks.

I caught a sneak preview of Something New today courtesy of my girls Tia and Toya aka Black Girls Like Us. I REALLY liked this movie. It's very rare that anyone writes drama-free* love stories for the urban audience much less a story for educated black women. (*Please note the usage here. I don't mean the film didn't have a story, I just mean there was no cheating or fist fights.)

Furthermore, it's about time somebody wrote a manual for the white man on How to Keep your Black Woman. I suppose the caveat to this would be the appendix item: Black men, if, like Blair Underwood's character, you are successful, well-meaning and still get dissed for no appearant reason by a sister of equal status, please do not be offended and switch teams. There are other sistas out there who will drop everything to be with you.

The manual in a nutshell (everything else falls under the general "love" category):

  1. Try to make yourself known. (Work the room. Show you ain't skaird.)
  2. When a brotha steps to you about the relationship, come correct. (DO NOT miss this one or you are SO FIRED!) a.k.a. Stand up for your relationship at all costs.
  3. Don't whig out when it's time to talk about issues of race.
  4. Stay away from a sista's hair please! (Don't make her tell you twice.)


Brandon Q. said...

I was going to post on that movie but I passed on it because I realized that most brothers are not taking care of business and the sisters have been there for us for so long and we as an aggregate have not delivered. I thought the movie was good but I was more impressed at the critique of the Black upper class.

Great post,


t.HYPE said...

Thank you brotha Brandon! I only wish more black men could catch the vision.

I know brothers are under a lot of societal pressure and what-have-you but sometimes a little imperfection and a lot of honesty is just what the doctor ordered.

Hey, if I could find a black man like Simon's character in the film, I could finally make my mother's dream come true...