Friday, August 24, 2007

On campus with Mr. Fair & Handsome

[This is part II in the "Mini Khan Visits Nashville" series. Part I is here.]

M.K. and I rolled by Fisk University one day after work. I made sure he had a good view of Jubilee Hall which is on a ton of historic registries and was the very first permanent building on campus, completed in 1875, just 10 years after the Civil War ended.

I was sharing this bit of history with M.K. adding how Jubilee Hall was built after the Ku Klux Klan had burnt down the military barracks that originally housed the students.

"The spire on the building was used as a watch tower to give warning in case the Klan tried to raid the---"

"Everyone here is so dark!" M.K. interrupted.

"Um, Fisk is a black university M.K."

"Why do black people need their own university? I think what they need is Fair an--"

*enter angry mob*

Suddenly, our campus trip was going downhill. Who knew there was a "Colorism Across Cultures" workshop this week?! It seems a few students were aware of our hero's insensitivity to the darker skinned among us. The result:

No, I did not kick him while he was down! I was stepping in to stop the violence. You know, "Guests are as gods" and all that.

On the way home I told Shahrukh that if he needed money or something, all he had to do was ask. Geez. There's no good reason why a guy like him should be endorsing such insulting products.

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Joseph Gonsalves said...

That's awesome---he deserves a serious kick in the behind for endorsing something so ludicrous. The makers of this product actually had the temerity to suggest that they chose Shahrukh as brand-ambassador because he was 'fair'(as in just) person and everything about him was 'fair'.

MoJo said...

Perhaps my beloved brown-skinned Shahrukh should have stuck with hawking soap while soaking in a bathtub filled with rose petals.

sucre douce said...

this is too funny! great shot of srk getting his butt kicked. :D

Anonymous said...

I like Shahrukh alot, despite his dislike for acquiring roles more age appropriate (except for Chak de India). But that "fair and lovely" crap really ticked me off. First, it (the cream)doesn't work. Second, if it did, whoever would want you because you are now lighter is an ideeeeeot (as pronounced by Ren). And since when has dark skinned men had trouble getting women? South Asia is filled with beautiful men of every color who are married. Mini Kahn should face the corner for at least 3 days.

Maja said...

Good work on teaching Mini Khan an important lesson, T-Hype!

Anonymous said...

check out --

FYI Midday happens to be one of the most read newspaper in mumbai.

Now Women want fair men too, courtesy SRK

beauty said...

Why are you saying “insulting products”? It’s a skin lightening cream and I personally feel there is no problem in using them, if anyone wants to get fair. Shahrukh Khan is now India’s No.1 Actor, thus he is not a fool. He would never get agreed to endorse such a product which one is insulting for the society. I agree, someone might not prefer it but can’t say this is an insulting product. Yesterday I’ve found a video link on BBC news site regarding fairness cream. You can also visit it at