Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Monday Madness - Tokyo Breakfast

Funny or not funny?

(My thoughts are in the comments.)


t-HYPE said...

To be perfectly honest, I laughed at some point about 1/3 of the way through. While watching, I realized the writing was a bit too contextual to NOT have been written by Westerners. (Read about the producers here.)

To me it's more amusing than funny, kind of like watching someone repeatedly try to do something stupid. But in all honesty, it should be filed under Reason #559 why people really shouldn't use the word nigger recreationally.

Anonymous said...

Former MTV producers were behind this crap? That says alot about the programming on MTV. Even if it is a parody, why not parody Japanese culture with Japanese performers instead of parodying "hip hop" culture? It seems as if African American culture is always co-opted, mainly for profit. There is no way that I could find that clip humorous. I was actually waiting for Al Jolson to pop out at some point.

Anonymous said...

yall need to chill out a little. that is funny as hell, at least until that girl comes in.