Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Oh snap!

I don't think any coincidental amalgamation has been this serendipitous since Pink Floyd & The Wizard of Oz!

Presenting Unk's Walk it Out courtesy of the great American theater choreographer Bob Fosse:
(At least fast forward 2/3 of the way through. I sware they're doing the Bankhead Bounce!)



Susania said...

amazing. just amazing!

kage said...

ROTFLMAO... T, how do you find all this stuff?

MoJo said...


t-hype said...

The frighteningly eerie part is, the Walk it Out video is rather pleasant with the music from "Mexican Breakfast."

Priya said...

I have seen this before and its is STIL effing hilarious. I can't get over how eerie they look!

kage said...

my first blog chirp from Kaalifouurniaa!

what about this one?? "she's bossy!"

on a little diff note bollywood adaptation of "sharara" to "try again"