Saturday, September 01, 2007

How we get down


I absolutely could NOT hold in my laughter when I saw this image!
It seems a church in Chandler, Arizona is "Bringing Sexy Back" for the next three weeks.

In truth, I have no problem with the church at large addressing sex BUT it does give me tramatic flashbacks to every half-hearted attempt I've had to sit through in the past. Even more frightenting, I'm reminded of my high school sex ed teacher insisting that she should demonstrate how to use a condom with a banana as the model. [NONE of us were up for that level of excitement during the school day.] Oh the trauma!!!

Read the story here or just visit the series website:
[There's a 'sexy quiz' on there. You know you want to!]

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Movie Mazaa said...

Thats a real funny one!